Service FAQs

Service FAQs for Post Hole Diggers

The following are some of the questions most frequently asked by Land Pride customers in the Post Hole Diggers category.

Post Hole Diggers

What should I do if my auger is turning the wrong direction?

Hydraulic hoses are reversed. Switch the hydraulic hoses at the outlet.

What should I do if my auger digs half way down and stops, will not go any deeper?

You could be coming across a hard soil layer that is causing more resistance on the auger assembly. Land Pride offers an option down pressure to aid in forcing the auger into the ground.

What if I want to dig deeper than my 48” auger will allow?

Land Pride offers two auger extensions for increased hole depth.

  • 7” Auger Extension
  • 14” Auger Extension
What could be causing my driveline to drop when my shear bolt breaks?

Drivelines come equipped with a retainer set screw to keep the driveline attached when the shear bolt has sheared. Verify that your unit has the correct grade shear bolt installed to prevent gearbox damage and make sure the retainer screw and nut are installed.

What auger sizes are available for my unit?
  • PD10 and PD15 available in 6”, 9” and 12” – No option for auger extensions
  • PD25 and PD35 available in 6”, 9”, 12”, 15” 18” and 24” tree auger assembly – Auger extensions available in 7” and 14”
My auger has reduced turning speed, what could be causing it?

Hydraulic oil flow could be restricted. Check flow meter, remove any dirt particles in fittings and replace couplers. Replace oil filter.

Can I use a hex head auger on my unit?

No, auger attachment is set up for a 2-1/2” round auger pipe. No adapter is available through Land Pride.

What kind of output shaft does it have?

We offer two different output shafts. We have a 2 9/16" round and 2" hex shaft.

Do you offer auger extensions?

We offer two extensions, a 24" and 48" auger extensions in both hex and round shaft.

Can I reverse the auger?

Yes, this unit is hydraulically reversible.