Service FAQs

Service FAQs for HD Post Hole Diggers

The following are some of the questions most frequently asked by Land Pride customers in the HD Post Hole Diggers category.

HD Post Hole Diggers

Why won’t my auger go down into the ground?

There are many variables, but the most common is that the ground is hard, and requires extra weight. The optional down pressure kit will help in this condition.

Why does my HD turn slower than my PTO driven unit?

The HD unit has a different gear ratio, but it has more torque than the PD model. The RPMs of the HD is determined by GPM and pressure.

How many lbs. of down force does the optional down pressure kit add to the unit?

Around 500 lbs of down force is added when the kit is installed.

Can I use a grade 8 bolt to replace the shear pin?

No. Damage to the unit will occur if a higher grade bolt is used in place of the original.

Can I replace the teeth?

Yes, all teeth supplied by Land Pride are replaceable.