No Till

3P1006NT Compact Drills
100 HP Min

With a 10' seeding width and 10' transport width, the 3P1006NT No-Till Drill is productive and can easily get in pasture gates, over bridges, or transport down narrow roads. A semi-mount and dual hydraulic lift assist wheels in the rear give the drill excellent ground clearance as well.

3P606NT Compact Drills
60 HP Min

The Land Pride 3P606NT 6' 3-Point No-Till allows you to get close to field edges. With our proven ground drive, no remote hydraulics are needed. This rugged drill is ideal for limited space situations and maneuvering among trees and other obstacles.

3P806NT Compact Drills
80 HP Min

The 3P806NT No-Till Drill offers an 8' working width, while two standard lift-assist wheels in the rear provide greater lift capacity. Our double disk configuration and full-length seed tube ensures that the seed is placed consistently at the depth chosen; with optional boxes, plant three seeds at separate rates at the same time.

606NT Compact Drills
40 HP Min

The 606NT, a 6' Pull-type No-Till Drill, features an end-wheel design that reduces side-loading on openers when operated on contours and curves, eliminating premature opener wear. With the optional native grass and small seeds box, this machine is quite capable in pasture renovations and food plot seeding.

706NT: 55 HP Min.; 1006NT: 75 HP Min.

Land Pride’s 706NT and 1006NT End Wheel No-Till Drills are the perfect balance between versatility and productivity. These units are ideal for seeding in a wide variety of applications from pasture renovation to utility reclamation or food plots to food production. They are a great combination between the productivity of a large drill and the versatility of a compact one. Both End Wheel Drill models feature large end wheels designed for unmatched ground gauging in rugged terrain.