SGC0554 Claw Grapples

SGC0554 Claw Grapples


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Optional 3rd Function Valve

Can control all grapple and loader movements with a joystick. Provides easy hooking and unhooking of hydraulic hoses at the front of the loader.

3/4" Pivot Pins

Large diameter pins for extra strength.

Fits Kubota BX80 Tractors*

Easy to hook-up. A good fit for Kubota BX80 Series tractors with a universal quick attach hitch on the front of the loader. (*SGC0554 is only for the Kubota 80 Series BX Tractors with 2 lever hitch plates.)

AR400 Material

Tines are manufactured from high-tensile AR400 steel making it light-weight, yet extremely durable.

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