SSP15 Series Snow Pushers

SSP15 Series Snow Pushers


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Choose from a steel or rubber blade. Blade can be reversed to extend it's life.

Optional Pullback Blade

Optional rubber pull back blade can be used to pull snow away from garage doors.

Exterior Bracing

Low profile exterior bracing on side panels and back for reinforcement.

Product Specs

Warranty Information

  • Overall Unit: One year Parts and Labor
  • Blades and Skid Shoes: Considered wear items.

Product Manuals

Service FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About This Product

My skid shoes are wearing uneven, what is causing that?

Your SSP is not level when pushing with it. You need to keep the skid shoes flat on the ground.

Do I need to run the unit in float?

Yes, not running in float will cause premature wear on the skid shoes.

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