SSP15 Series Snow Pushers

Available Models

SSP1572, SSP1584, SSP1596


Kubota by Land Pride: Snow Pushers are designed to push snow straight ahead without leaving windrows or damaging the pavement below. They mount using the universal Quick-Attach plate and feature an 8” rubber wear edge. The rubber eliminates damage to the pavement or lot striping on most surfaces while removing slush and snow. They are also available with a steel edge with working widths up to 8'. All models come equipped with AR400 skid shoes that are adjustable, reversible, and replaceable. Only available through Kubota Dealers.

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Download features and benefits of this product here:  303-348fk.pdf

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Download the Product Specifications here:  303-348sk.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions About This Product

My skid shoes are wearing uneven, what is causing that?

Your SSP is not level when pushing with it. You need to keep the skid shoes flat on the ground.

Do I need to run the unit in float?

Yes, not running in float will cause premature wear on the skid shoes.

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