PFL45 & PFL55 Series Pallet Forks

PFL45 & PFL55 Series Pallet Forks


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Removable Center Bracket

Top center bracket can be removed or lowered if an opening is needed for accessing the skid steer cab.

Tall Rear Guard

Tall rear guard keeps loads from slipping backwards.

Locking Handle

Forks slide easily on carrying bars from one position to another. Locking handle secures forks in their new position.

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Frequently Asked Questions About This Product

Why are the forks hard to slide?

You may need to add some grease to the carrying bar to help the fork slide better.

Why are my forks shifting sideways on the carrying bar?

Your locking pin handle is not engaged in locking groove. Position locking pins over locking grooves on carrying bar and rotate locking handle down to engage locking pin.

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