• QH15 Series Quick-Hitches

QH15 Series Quick-Hitches

QH15 Series Quick-Hitches

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Not all 3-point products are quick-hitch adaptable, especially older units of any brand. With our adjustable top hook, Land Pride's hitch has a better chance of fitting older 3-point attachments. Look for the Quick Hitch logo to denote applicable Land Pride products. Land Pride's 3-Point Quick-Hitch is available for a Cat. 1 hitch allowing you to easily hook on to implements, some without ever leaving the tractor seat. Implement dealers, rental yards, implement manufacturers, landscape contractors, professional turf managers, nurseries, municipalities, and large feedlot operations can increase productivity by using the Land Pride QH15 Quick-Hitch.

Optional top link is required for implements that have a swiveling top link. This keeps the top link attached when going through ditches. This must be used on the following models:

Grooming Mowers

  • FDR16 Series
  • FDR26 Series
  • FDR36 Series


Rotary Cutters
  • 12 Series
  • 15 Series
  • 18 Series
  • 26 Series


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Download features and benefits of this product here:  320-003f.pdf

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Download the Product Specifications here:  320-003s.pdf


Overall Unit: One year Parts and Labor

Warranty PDF

Download the warranty here: 320-003w.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions About This Product

When using a QH the clevis will not stay in hook on RCR or FDR units. What's wrong?

Add option: Floating top link assembly.

What do I do if my 3 point will not go low enough?

Your 3 point lower arms are in the top position. Adjust lower arms to lower hole on tractor.

The fit on the lower lugs is too loose. How do I fix this?

We offer many different spacers depending on what unit you are hooking to QH.

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Download product literature here:  lit_qh15.pdf