SC25 Series Skid Cutters

SC25 Series Skid Cutters


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Offset Hitch

Center mount with offset hitch option allows operator to offset 8-1/2" to the right to cut close to obstacles.

Optional front gauge wheel

Provides easy operation and handling over uneven terrain. Laminated tire can’t go flat.

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Frequently Asked Questions About This Product

Which motor (low, med, high) do I need to order for my power unit?

First, you will need to know the flow gpm of your power unit. Once you know this, refer to the Operator’s Manual for the motor requirements (manual can be found on Related Products Page below).

What material can I cut and what size?

Any organic material grass, wood and up to 2” diameter material.

What is the chain at the hitch for?

This is a check chain. It is designed to hook to the power unit to keep the mower height 18” and under from the ground height.

What is the blade tip speed?

It varies with the gpm and pressure of the power unit and which one of the three motors that is on the unit. There is a charge located in the specifications page in the Operator’s Manual (manual can be found on Related Products Page below).

Do I have to use the third line and what’s the purpose of the line?

Yes, it is recommended that the case drain line be used. If it is not, you run the risk of blowing an output seal as the spike pressures during shut down are too great. The purpose of this line is a case drain. It relieves pressure from the case of the motor when they become greater than the seals can hold.

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