CP30 Series Cold Planers

CP30 Series Cold Planers


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6" Cutting Depth

The CP30 Series features a 6" cutting depth, 5/18" drum wall and 2-1/2" tooth standoff for efficient milling.

Skid Shoes

Independent RH/LH skid shoe control allows unit to follow curb and gutter as well as the contour of the road or street.

Hydraulic Tilt, Depth, Sideshift

All functions are integrated into the multi-function grips of the SSV/SVL.


Removable carbide cutting teeth use rocket fin technology that is built into the teeth for longer life.

Product Specs

Warranty Information

  • Overall Unit: One year Parts and Labor
  • Hydraulic Motor: Two years Parts and Labor
  • Hydraulic Cylinder: One year Parts and Labor; Hoses and seals are considered wear items.
  • Drums, Picks, Pick Holders, and Bases: Considered wear items

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Frequently Asked Questions About This Product

How long do teeth last?

This will depend on the conditions you are in.  With the cut, material age, temperature, horse power, etc…

Do I have to replace all the teeth at the same time?

No the outer teeth will wear faster than the center.  Take the center teeth and move them to the outside and put new teeth in the center.

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