SBD35 Series Snow Blowers

Available Models

SBD3596 & SBD35108


Land Pride's SBD35 Series 3-point Snow Blower is designed to fit tractors in the 85 to 180 HP range. One look at the aggressive dual augers, manufactured from 3/8" plate steel, and you'll know the SBD35 is built to withstand the rigors of snow and ice removal in tough conditions. Beyond the dual 16" augers, the SBD35 is manufactured with 1/4" side plates and utilizes four paddles on the augers to direct snow into the 34", 4-blade impeller. Skid shoes are available in rear-mount or side mount and are adjustable and replaceable.

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Frequently Asked Questions About This Product

Why does my snow blower keep working even after I shear my shear bolt?

You need to grease your imput shaft.  If this shaft is not greased well it can cease up and keep spinning, doing harm to the gearbox, chain and impeller. 

My snow blower makes intermittent clicking noise what is causing that noise?

You could have something caught in your chain.  Inspect the chain to make sure nothing is caught in it. 

My impeller keeps plugging up. What is causing this?

Your ground speed may be too fast.  The snow blower cannot take in that much snow, you need to slow you ground speed down. 

How much adjustment is in the hitch?

You have 6 inches of adjustment forward. 

Product Literature

Download product literature here:  lit_sbd35.pdf