AR25 Series Pasture Aerators

AR25 Series Pasture Aerators


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Hydraulic Lift

Hydraulic lift provides constant depth control.

Bearing Protection

3/8" Skid shoes on front, bottom and back sides protects bearings against hitting solid objects such as rocks and stumps.

Optional Weights

Optional weights constructed of 740 lbs concrete blocks helps aerator tines penetrate the ground. AR2596 accepts up to 3 concrete blocks and AR2510 accepts up to 4 concrete blocks.


All welded 4x4 tubing makes for a very strong frame.

Heat Treated Tines

Tines are forged and heat treated - very resistant to wear and breakage. Tines are designed with a twist to lift while fracturing the soil sideways.

8" Max. Tine Penetration

Great penetration for aerating the soil. (Actual penetration depth is dependent on ground condition and added weight.)

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Warranty Information

Overall Unit: One year Parts and Labor
Hydraulic Cylinder: One year Parts and Labor.
Hoses, seals and Tines: Considered wear items.

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