• RC6510 Offset Rotary Cutters

RC6510 Offset Rotary Cutters (Discontinued)

RC6510 Offset Rotary Cutters

Available Models

RC6510, RCM6510


A single-wing version of the RC6515 models, Land Pride's RC6510 Rotary Cutters provide excellent cutting performance on gently sloping or slightly contoured rights-of-way, roadsides, pastures, set-aside-acres, or for residue in row crop fields. The 10’ cutting width, 2" to 14" cutting height, and ability to cut thick weeds and heavy brush make them well suited for these applications. The RC6610s offers various safety guard selections making them an excellent choice for state and municipal mowing applications. Productivity, product life, and product serviceability are significantly improved with the smoothtop design, greatly reducing topside grass accumulation and making any accumulated clipping removal from the deck a breeze.

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Download features and benefits of this product here:  330-057f.pdf

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Download the Product Specifications here:  330-057s.pdf


Overall Unit and Driveline: One year Parts and Labor
Gearbox: 5 years on Parts and Labor; 6th & 7th Year Parts Only
Hydraulic Cylinders: One year Parts and Labor;
Hoses and seals; Considered wear items.
Blades, tires and driveline friction discs: Considered wear items

Warranty PDF

Download the warranty here: 330-057w.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions About This Product

Pre-Adjustments & Cut Quality Check List

Before contacting Customer Service on any pre-adjustments or cut quality issues, please be sure to have the following information on hand:

  • Is the unit 540 or 1000 RPM?
  • Is the front driveline correct (540 or 1000 RPM to match the unit)?
  • Is the tractor PTO running 540 RPM or 1000 RPM (check with tachometer)?
  • Check all ratios on the splitter and all three deck boxes.
  • Check the gearbox to make sure the box is turning in the right direction.
  • Check all blades to make sure they are correct (CW vs. CCW) and correct number.
  • Are the front skid shoes on or off?
  • Are the front chain guards on? Are they rubber, chain or double chain?
  • Are the rear chain guards on? Are they rubber, chain or double chain?
  • Is the unit level front to rear? (It should be 3/4" to 1" down in the front.)
  • Does the unit have deck rings?
  • Does the unit have a baffle kit?
  • What is the cutting height?
  • What is your ground speed when cutting?
  • What is your tractor horsepower, model and tire size?

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Download product literature here:  lit_rc6510.pdf