• SH35 Series Skid Steer Hitch

SH35 Series Skid Steer Hitch (DISCONTINUED)

SH35 Series Skid Steer Hitch

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The SH35 Series Skid Steer Quick-Hitch provides quick and easy three-point attachment to category 1 or 2 implements that are not driven or powered by a PTO shaft. Box blades, landscape rakes, soil pulverizers, hydraulically driven power rakes, and other like implements work extremely well with this hitch. Rental yards, implement dealers, and owners of larger implement fleets will find that the SH35 serves an excellent tool for spotting, relocating, and organizing implements on large lots. This unit also has expanded versatility with use of a class 2 receiver and convenient storage for a ball hitch. An adjustable top hook makes attachment to a broader range of implements even easier.

Features and Benefits

Fits Cat. 1 or 2 implements Easily fits Cat. 1 or 2 non-PTO implements – Fits all Land Pride implements.
Automatic lock on lower 3-point arms Don’t have to get off of skid steer loader when hooking up to an implement.
Adjustable top hook Helps match up to implement.
Class II receiver and storage for ball hitch A class II ball hitch can be inserted into the hitch for towing, also can be used for storing a ball hitch.
Universal skid steer plate Fits most skid steer loaders.

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Overall Unit and Driveline: One year Parts and Labor

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