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The AFM4522 All-Flex Mower provides excellent cut quality and performance on lush turf grasses that are located on expansive and well manicured areas such as sports fields, theme parks, fairways, turf farms, and large estates.

Land Pride's AFM4522 offers independent deck flotation and zero turning radius thanks to the sleek frame design. When transporting the AFM4522 from one mowing site to another the hydraulic wing cylinders will easily lift the wing decks for a 9’-6" transport width – especially critical on a public roads, streets, or rights-of-way. The contour-following capability, highly productive 22-foot cutting width, and rear discharge design of the floating decks will greatly reduce wide-area cutting times and still deliver beautifully groomed surfaces at mowing speeds up to 6 mph.

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Overall Unit and Drivelines: One year Parts and Labor
Gearbox: (S/N 492051+) 2 years Parts & Labor
Cylinders: 1 year parts and labor (Hoses and seals considered wear items).
Belts, blades, friction discs in slip-clutch and tires are considered wear items

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Download the warranty here: 315-360w.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions About This Product

Why is there vibration and profile wearing on the telescoping driveline?

Driveline profiles need to be lubricated. A thin coat of wheel bearing grease should be applied to the inner tubes of the drivelines at a minimum period of every 50 hours.

Why is my cutting height different on one deck compared to the others?

If you have made deck height adjustments to raise or lower the cutting height, make sure that you have the same number of spacers on all 10 gauge wheels.

What is the cause of driveline damage on the All-Flex Mowers?

The most common failure on any AFM driveline is lack of grease on the profiles. Over angling can also result in cross failure on the CV driveline.

What is included in the Mulch Mower Blade Kit?

Three CW and Six CCW Blades 

What causes the blades to wear?

Sand or dirt is the most common issue with the blades. When high lift blades are used, they have higher wear, and create a sand blasting effect on the blades and deck.

What caused the spindle hub to break on my All-Flex Mower?

The most common reason for hubs to break is impact with foreign objects or the ground. Impact damage will blow out the back of the bearing housing.

What are the blade options for my mower?
  • Medium Lift blade - medium suction for lifting grass, requires less HP than the high lift. (Standard on AFM4211 and AFM4522)
  • Low Lift - recommended for sandy soils for less soil disturbance and longer blade life. (Standard on AFM4214 and AFM4216)
  • High Lift - heavy suction for lifting grass, requires higher HP in tall dense grass and is not recommended so sandy soils
  • Mulching - Perfect for leaf mulching
How sharp can I turn with my AFM with a CV Driveline?

The CV Joint allows the driveline to run at angles up to 80 degrees left or right. When turns are made with angles greater than 80 degrees this can cause vibration and ultimately damage to the driveline. Over angling the driveline will cause the CV joint to break.

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Download product literature here:  lit_afm4522.pdf

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