• RTA10 Series Rotary Tillers

RTA10 Series Rotary Tillers (Discontinued)

RTA10 Series Rotary Tillers

Available Models

RTA1042, RTA1050, RTA1058


The RTA10 Series forward rotation Rotary Tillers are sized right for your compact tractor to till soil for seedbed preparation. The RTA10 is the perfect companion in landscaping, nurseries, gardens, and light commercial use. The formed and reinforced rear deflector keeps dirt in and produces a level finish. The adjustable deflector allows for various finish results. The 6-1/2" digging depth of the RTA10 provides deep soil penetration and can be manually offset to cover the right tire track by moving the lower hitch points and gearbox mount.

Features and Benefits

American made Many tillers are imported. American made means better parts availability.
Gearbox Warranty 5 Years on housing, gears, seals, and bearings. shows our confidence in the product.
Working widths 42”, 50”, 58” to meet a wide range of applications and needs.
6 1/2” Digging depth For deep soil penetration.
Plate steel upper hitch Plate steel is stronger than flat bar type hitch
Clevis hitch Provides additional strength and easy one person hook-up.
Hitch offset capability Offset by moving lower hitch points and gearbox mount to cover right tire track.
Offset Dimensions 42” Width 50” Width 58” Width 16” - 26” Std. 13” - 29” Max. Right 23” - 19” Max. Left 25” - 25” Std. 18” - 32” Max. Right 32” - 18” Max. Left 29” - 29” Std. 22” - 36” Max. Right 36” - 22” Max. Left
Fits Land Pride Quick-Hitch Allows for quick and easy one person hook-up. Does not offset with Quick-Hitch.
Adjustable Parking stand Easy hook-up and storage.
Adjustable Skid Shoes Control depth with seven adjustments.
Formed and reinforced rear deflector Keeps dirt in and leaves a level finish. Forming gives deflector additional strength. Adjustable deflector allows for various finish results.
4 ‘C’ shaped tines per flange ‘C’ Shaped tines require less HP to move through the ground.
Solid rotor shaft 1 3/4” Solid steel rotor shaft for strength.
15” Rotor swing diameter For deep tilling and turning the soil over faster.
Double lip seal on rotor bearing Double lip seal helps keep the dirt out and the grease in.
Fully shielded shear pin or slipclutch driveline Protects gearbox and rotor shaft upon hitting obstructions. Slip-clutch saves having to replace shear-pins.
#80 Drive chain enclosed in oil bath Heavy drive chain stretches less, and oil bath keeps wear to a minimum.
Stamped chain cover Stamped forming gives the chain cover strength.



Overall Unit and Driveline: One year Parts and Labor
Gearbox: 5 years Parts and Labor
Tines and Driveline Friction Discs: Considered wear items

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Download product literature here:  lit_rta10.pdf