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PS25 Series Primary Seeders (Discontinued)

PS25 Series Primary Seeders

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The PS25120 Primary Seeder is perfect for wide open landscape seeding, turf farms, brome pastures, highway re-seeding and areas where moguls, undulations or depressions do not exist. The main seedbox, with a 30 bushel capacity, is equipped with our standard fluted seed cups and agitation to seed most turf type grasses, as well as a variety of other seeds from peas to alfalfa.

Features and Benefits

Cat. II 3-Point Quick hitch adaptable Fits on larger tractors to handle the weight, or Pull-type for smaller tractors. Quick hitch allows for easy connecting and disconnecting.
Pull-Type: Front mounted wheels Front mounted wheels narrow the unit up for transport or going through gates.
Pull-Type: End mounted wheels End mounted wheels gives a smoother transport, and lowers the negative tongue weight.
Pull-Type: Transport locks Keeps wheels in transport position if cylinders were to fail during transport.
Pull-Type: Removable tongue Tongue is easy to remove. Convenient for storage or when loaded on a trailer.
Lift hooks For easy loading on to trailers
Heavy-duty lock-up lid Lids are precision fit to keep seeds dry and rodents out and they won’t buckle or slam shut in high winds.
Seed splash guard Seedbox lid has a guard to prevent seed from being spilled between lid and box.
All welded weatherproof seedbox Keeps rain and rodents out, and gives rigidity to seedbox.
Easy seed box clean out Seed flute is designed for easy clean out. Simply move the flute lever into the clean out position and all seeds will be removed.
30 Bushel seed capacity 30 Bushel is ideal for the sod farmer and grain growers.
Seed level indicator Check seedbox level from the tractor seat.
Fluted sprocket seed cups The right amount of seed is picked up by the fluted sprockets every time.
Powder metal in the fluted sprocket Powder metal in the seed cup sprockets helps dissipate heat caused by the friction between the sprocket and housing.
Seed rate adjustment Easy adjustment of seed rates. Lever position is located on seed rate chart.
Adjustable seed opening Seed opening can be ‘enlarged’ by sliding a lever. Larger opening for fluffy seed allows for easier flow.
Seed rate decal Positioned on lid. Easy access to seed rate information.
High/Low seed settings Easy adjustment on sprocket arrangement on seed cup drive. This allows for a very broad range of seed settings.
Ground driven metering Front packer rollers are in constant contact with the ground to ensure consistent metering of seed. Seed metering stops automatically when front packer is raised off the ground.
Cast iron packer rollers 15 5/8” diameter front rings and 11 3/8” diameter rear rings are used to crush the clods and pack the seed in to promote seed to soil contact.
Spring mounted rear packers Rear packer rollers are spring loaded for additional down pressure, and to stay in contact with the ground.
#40 Roller chain All drives utilize #40 roller chain for smooth running.
Vacuum sealed acremeter Vacuum sealed to keep dirt out. Acremeter to plan seed requirements.

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Overall Unit: One year Parts and Labor
Packer Rollers: Considered wear items
Optional Pull Tongue: One year Parts and Labor

Warranty PDF

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