• PFS Series Spreaders

PFS Series Spreaders

PFS4000 Pendulum-Type Spreader

Available Models

PFS4000, PFS5060, PFS8010


The PFS Series pendulum-type broadcast spreaders are capable of spreading seed, top dressings, prilled/granular fertilizer, lime, and iron at delivery rates ranging from 44 to 890 lbs. per acre with a spreading width of 20' to 46'. Optional spouts are available for narrow spreading, vineyard spreading between rows, and vineyards/orchards spreading on the rows only.

An optional internally mounted agitator helps keep material in the hopper from bridging, ensuring a continuous hopper flow and uniform delivery rate from the adjustable pattern rotary spreader. The precision spreading pattern and range of hopper capacities make the PFS Series well suited for use at vineyards, orchards, farms, golf courses, parks, athletic fields, and campuses. They also work well for municipal or commercial application of salt and sand for snow and ice control.

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Download features and benefits of this product here:  309-124f.pdf

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Download the Product Specifications here:  309-124s.pdf

Operator's Manual

Download a PDF of the Operator's Manual here:  309-124m.pdf

Parts Manual

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Overall Unit: One year Parts and Labor

See complete Warranty Statement below.

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Frequently Asked Questions About This Product

Why does my unit leak material between GB & hopper?

The gearbox is not centered in the hopper, Adjust the gearbox, holes are slotted.

Why am I getting an inconsistent discharge rate?

Specific gravity of the seed/fertilizer can change from area to area. Different mixtures of seed or rough terrain will also effect the flow of material and can alter the discharge rate.

What spout assembly do I need?

Please refer to the diagram in the Operator’s Manual for your specific model (manual can be found on Related Products Page below).

What products can I run through the spreader?

Products of all types can be run through the spreader, but you will need to reset the seeding rate each time. Products such as fertilizer may have lumps and may need to be broken down.

What pattern should I use for spreading?

Please reference the Operator’s Manual driving chart for what pattern to drive (manual can be found on Related Products Page below).

What do I set the spreader on to get the applied amount?

Ground speed, PTO speed, and gate setting all effect the seeding rate. Please refer to the seed chart in the Operator’s Manual for reference (manual can be found on Related Products Page below).

What do I do if I cannot reach the lever for the gates from my tractor seat?

You should install a Hydraulic Gate Kit which uss one rear hydraulic remote from the tractor.

What do I do if I am metering too much seed?

You should install a Small Seed Limiter Kit.

Do I need to calibrate the seed rate?

If your seed is not in the seed rate chart, seed must be calibrated per manual instructions. This machine is not the most accurate way to meter seed.

Product Literature

Download product literature here:  lit_pfs.pdf