SP20 Series Soil Pulverizers

SP20 Series Soil Pulverizers


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Quick-Hitch Compatible

Our Quick-Hitch System allows you to quickly connect and disconnect from the implement - most without leaving the tractor seat. This is a real time saver when working on multiple projects.

Roller Spikes

Spikes are welded to the roller’s surface rather than to a hole. Damaged spikes can be cut off and replaced.

H Beam

Heavy-duty H-beam construction. 20 Series-10", 30 Series 12"

Replaceable Heat-Treated Sleeves

Heat-treated replaceable sleeves on roller protect spike. Easily replace the sleeve when worn vs. replacing entire spike.

Scarifier Teeth

Scarifier teeth are heat-treated for long life and can be reversed when one side wears down.

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Product Specs

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Warranty Information

Overall Unit: One year Parts and Labor
Spikes and roller studs: Considered wear items

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Download a PDF of the Warranty here:  307-099w.pdf

Product Manuals

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Frequently Asked Questions About This Product

I have bent some of my spikes, can I replace them?

Yes you can grind off the old and weld a new spike on.

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