New Products

RC4715 Rotary Cutters

50-250 HP
The RC4715 is a heavy‐duty folding rotary cutter with a 4” cutting capacity and 15’ cutting width designed to make pasture and roadside maintenance a simple and efficient task. The unit comes with ease of maintenance features that you’ve come to expect from Land Pride like greaseless pivot points, endcap grease zerks, easy‐off shields and a patented sliding guard over the splitter gearbox, making maintenance easy to perform.
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AFM3011 All-Flex Estate Mower

30-55 HP
Land Pride’s AFM3011 is just right for estate mowing. The weight has been reduced from our commercial series to fit compact tractors in the 30 to 55 HP range. With a cutting width of 11' and cutting height of 1" to 5 ½", the AFM3011 will rival a zero‐turn in volume and quality. The decks are 4' wide, 10 gauge steel with a 6" overlap; coupled with a singlebeam hitch and equal angle driveline this unit can make tight turns without streaking.
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CB10 Series Combination Bucket

Up to 40 HP
Land Pride’s Combo Bucket is specifically designed to fit compact tractors up to 40 HP. Commonly referred to as a 4‐n‐1, they can be used as a dozer, scraper, grapple, or bucket. The CB1060 features a universal quick attach plate, 60" width, maximum jaw opening of 28", and 3/16" side panels. The lower jaw is made from grade 80 steel to keep the bucket light but strong. The two hydraulic cylinders are rated at 3,000 PSI with a clamping pressure of 3,000 lbs at 2,250 PSI. Bucket capacity is 10 cu. ft. heaped or nearly 8 cu. ft. struck.
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AG15 Series Arena Graders

18-45 HP
Land Pride’s new AG15 Series Arena Grader is an entry level arena grader for hobbyists and enthusiasts. The Cat 1 hitch is quick hitch compatible and ties into a 2" x 2" square tube frame. The end tubes are 2" x 3". The S‐tines feature replaceable tips. Behind the two rows of S‐tines is a five‐position leveling bar to smooth the soil. The job is finished with either a pipe or mesh roller to break clods and fluff the soil. The working depth is 4" and is set by a simple ratchet handle, a Land Pride exclusive feature.
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PFL12 Series Pallet Forks

Land Pride’s new economy Pallet Fork, the PFL1242, is a 1,200 lb. capacity fork, specifically designed for sub‐compact and compact tractors. The unit weighs in at just 220 lbs and forks on the model are class I, 1‐¼" x 3" x 42". The 5‐position rail allows the user to set forks in a variety of widths and are held in place by a spring‐loaded toggle. For safety, the back guard is 3/16".
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PS20 Series Primary Seeders

KUBOTA BY LAND PRIDE: The PS20 is a seeder unmatched in the market. First, the unit has both a quick attach skid plate hitch AND a 3-point hitch, meaning that it can be attached to a skid steer or a tractor, making it a versatile tool for rental yards. Second, the patent-pending bi-directional seed cups allow the unit to travel either forward or backward without fear of damaging the cups. The two packer wheels are 9.5" diameter and also serve as the drive for the seed metering system.
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HB Series Hopper Broom

KUBOTA BY LAND PRIDE: The Hopper Broom's 26" diameter brush uses poly, wire, or combination poly and wire bristles to sweep dirt, aggregate, or other light debris and trash in to the bucket. The bucket shell is 3/16" steel and features a bolt-on cutting edge as standard equipment. The HB74 and HB84 are manufactured with an all steel hood and has an overall height of 33". For high-dust applications, the unit features an optional Dust Suppression Kit.
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SD Series Silage Defacer

KUBOTA BY LAND PRIDE: The SD96 Silage Defacer is designed to remove silage and other feeds packed into bunkers or pits. The design of the SD96 allows for visibility for the operator and the curved tines keep the rotor from bouncing on the face of the pit. The rotor diameter including tines is 17". Overall width of the unit is 99" and the working width is just over 90". RPM varies by GPM from 160 at 12 GPM to 335 at 25 GPM. The SD96 is available in either a quick attach skid plate or euro hitch.
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RP30 Series Rippers

KUBOTA BY LAND PRIDE: This simple 5-shank dirtworking tool is ideal for ripping or scarifying hard and compacted ground. The overall width is 79" and the working width is 68". The shanks have 4 adjustment positions and have replaceable tips. The shank tube is a heavy 5" x 5" x 3/8" with a 5/8" reinforcing collar around the shank openings. Skid shoes help control depth and a patent pending level indicator helps keep the unit parallel to the ground for maximum efficiency.
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CP30 Series Cold Planers

KUBOTA BY LAND PRIDE: CP30 Series Cold Planers offer 12" and 16" wide low flow models that operate on the skid steers auxiliary hydraulic system with a cutting depth of 5". Depth and tilt control are manual, while sideshift is hydraulically controlled. The high-flow CP30 Cold Planers are available in cutting widths of 18", 24", 30", 40" and 48". All high-flow Cold Planers feature planetary reduction drives, which efficiently provides maximum cutting torque under load. The high-flow units come with electro-hydraulic control of depth, sideshift and tilt.
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SW30 Series Road Saw

KUBOTA BY LAND PRIDE: High-flow Kubota-branded SW30 Road Saws are offered in cutting depths of up to 10" or up to 18" depending on the model selected – cutting depth is regulated by the wheel radius. Cutting wheels are offered in widths of 2.5", 3", 4.5", and 6". All feature planetary reduction drives, which efficiently provides maximum cutting torque under load. The SW30 utilizes a ground-engaging frame and the cutting wheel moves up and down within this frame, giving the operator the ability to maintain control of the cut.
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BR Series Breakers

KUBOTA BY LAND PRIDE: The Kubota-branded line of BR Series Breakers is ideal for compact excavators and skid steers or compact track loaders. These Hydraulic Breakers are powerful percussion hammers fitted by size to specific Kubota excavators, SSLs, or SVLs for demolition and recycling applications. We offer Hydraulic Breakers that fit the entire line. The impact frequency is industry-leading and ranges from 500 to 2,500 impacts per minute depending on model.
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