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RCD18 Series Rotary Cutters

RCD1884 Rotary Cutter
35-60 HP
Land Pride's RCD1884 is a smooth-top, offset cutter that performs best in grass-only applications. Being dual spindle, the cutter is shorter in length than single spindle 84" cutters; the reduced length allows for better maneuverability in tight spaces. The 10" offset makes the RCD1884 a good solution for applications that require cutting close to buildings, fences, or other obstacles that might be found in orchards, parks, or rights-of-way.
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RC5014 Offset Rotary Cutters

RC5014 Rotary Cutter
90-250 HP
Land Pride's RC5014 / RCM5014-- Land Pride's largest offset folding rotary cutter -- makes quick work of roadsides 14-feet at a time. The offset allows the operator to travel next to the roadway in the same direction of travel as the traffic, increasing safety for the operator. The cutter features a heavy-duty Cat 6 driveline, heavy duty gearboxes, and a high blade tip speed for a clean, uniform cut in most highway mowing operations.
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RC3614 Rotary Cutters

RC3614 Rotary Cutter
70-160 HP
Land Pride's RC3614 and RCM3614 Series Rotary Cutters provide excellent cutting performance on gently sloping or slightly contoured right of ways, pastures, and set-aside-acres. The 14' cutting width, 2" to 12" cutting height and ability to cut weeds and brush up to 2" in diameter make them well suited for these applications. Both models offer pull-type self-leveling clevis hitches for attachment to 70-160 HP tractors. The RC3614 and RCM3614 cutters offer Cat. 6 main input drivelines for attachment to 540 rpm or 1000 rpm tractors.
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RC4614 Rotary Cutter

70-250 HP
Land Pride's single wing, 14-foot RC4614 / RCM4614 Rotary Cutter, is designed for use in contract- and municipal mowing applications. Right of ways, roadsides, pastures, open areas, and row crop fields are all candidates for this heavy-duty cutter.
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RC4710 Rotary Cutters

RC5710 Rotary Cutter
55-250 HP
Land Pride's RC4710 / RCM4710 is a 10' offset version of our RC4715 Rotary Cutter. (RC5710 photo shown as reference.)
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RC5710 Series Rotary Cutters

RC5710 Rotary Cutter
60-250 HP
Land Pride's RC5710 Rotary Cutters are single wing mowers that are ideal for roadside mowing. The left-hand wing is replaced with a weight box on the RC and the right-hand wing is replaced with a weight box on the RCL models. This allows the operator to travel next to the road’s shoulder, remaining on more level ground. All the features you love from our 15-foot cutters are there too, in a 10-foot single wing model!
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