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RCP27 Series Parallel Arm Cutter

RCP27 Parallel Arm Cutter
75 HP Min. - Minimum Tractor Wt. 8,000 lbs
Land Pride’s Hydraulic Parallel Arm Rotary Cutters provide a safe and efficient method for cutting ditch banks, pond dams, and other sloping areas adjacent to rights-of-way, lakes, ponds, or streams. They also work well for maintaining snowmobile paths or wooded lanes and roads. The RCP’s self-contained hydraulic system requires only one set of hydraulic remotes on the tractor and is available in a Float or No-Float option. Also available is an option utilizing the tractor’s hydraulic system and requires 4 remotes.
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RC5715 & RCB5715 Rotary Cutters

Land Pride RC5715 cutting grass on roadside
60-250 HP
The RC5715 is Land Pride’s new heavy-duty 15' double-deck rotary cutter designed to make right-of-way and roadside maintenance a simple and efficient task. The unit comes with 3 patented features and one patent-pending feature. The RC57 features greaseless pivot points, endcap grease zerks, easy-off shields, and a patented sliding guard over the splitter gearbox, making maintenance easy to perform.
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NTS26 Series No-Till Seeder

NTS26 No-Till Seeder
Land Pride’s NTS26 No-Till Seeder keeps many of the popular features from the 25 Series including the fluted seed cups and cast, notched rear roller while adding in a new sprocket-driven gearbox on the main seed box which eliminates switching chains and sprockets.
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GR15 Series Stump Grinder

GR15 Stump Grinder
25-55 HP
Land Pride's GR1525 Stump Grinder turns large stumps into small chips and has uses and applications with contractors, landscapers and forestry departments.
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GB20 Series Grapple Bucket

GB20 Grapple Bucket
Up to 135 HP
The GB2084 is a light material Grapple Bucket specifically designed to be lighter (997 lbs.) than our larger GB25 to better match the capabilities of the Kubota M5.
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RC5710 & RCB5710 Series Rotary Cutters

RC5710 Rotary Cutter
60-250 HP
The RC5710 Rotary Cutters are single wing mowers that are ideal for roadside mowing. The left-hand wing is replaced with a weight box on the RC/RCB and the right-hand wing is replaced with a weight box on the RCML/RCBML models. This allows the operator to travel next to the road’s shoulder, remaining on more level ground. All the features you love from our 15-foot cutters are there too, in a 10-foot single wing model!
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