customer service

Sometimes customers get taken care of and I don’t even know about it until after the fact. Land Pride takes such great pride in good customer service that I often don’t even need to get involved. Here’s an example that I received via email this morning from Bruce, one of our Territory Managers:

It is always great to walk in and read this in my inbox first thing in the morning.

I believe in Customer Service. I believe that if you make a customer happy, they’ll come back. Bend over backwards for them and they will never leave. Part ways on bad terms and you may never see them again. Not taking care of a customer service issue immediately and satisfactorily is something that I find unacceptable. 

This story was relayed to me by one of my Territory Managers, so I can’t take credit for it, but I wanted to share.

A couple of weeks ago Eric, our VP of Sales, was traveling with our South Texas Territory Manager. He provided me with the following report from the field: