Texas Bound

Next week, Team Land Pride packs up and heads south for the Kubota Summer Sales meeting. The Team will be training Land Pride Territory Managers on new products and other sales and marketing initiatives. That's why Land Pride has the best team in the industry: We keep them up-to-date on all things Land Pride.

Among the items on the agenda are some recently released products -- like the FM25 Flail Mower, the QH10 Quick Hitch, and the GS05 Grading Scraper. Kubota by Land Pride products include the UB25 Utility Bucket, TC25 Tree Carrier, SRF27 and SR27 Skid Rakes, and the SC40 Skid Cutter. Territory Managers will be briefed on the features and benefits of these products, and many more, through a series of meetings and breakout sessions. You, friends, are at a distinct advantage though! You can simply click on any of those implements and attachments above and review the features, the benefits, the specs, even the parts manuals if you want, all from the comfort of your living room. (or smartphone, as our website is mobile optimized.)

Once you've studied these new products, or any product on our website for that matter, you can use the dealer locator to find your nearest Land Pride dealer and check them out in person!

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