Spring has Sprung

Today marks the first day of Spring. Can you believe it? Most of the nation is already experiencing very spring-like temperatures. Yesterday in Salina, home of Land Pride's World Headquarters, we set a record high for March 19th at 90 degrees. Can you believe it?

Spring means it's time to put the snow shovel away -- if you ever had to get it out -- and break out that tiller, aerator, grading scraper, or rotary cutter.

Tillers are a traditional spring tool. After a long-winter nap, the soil is just yearning to be turned so that gardens can be planted. Thousands upon thousands of people garden. If you are like my grandma and have one bigger than most people's yards, you're going to need a Land Pride tiller to help with the task. We make tillers up to 82" for home-owner applications. We've got one just right for you.

Yards are also yearning for attention. Aerators help break up compaction and allow nutrients and oxygen to get to the plant's roots. We have a variety of Aerators that are performance-matched for your compact or sub-compact tractor.

If Old Man Winter did a number on your gravel driveway, might I recommend a Land Pride Grader Scraper? With just a few passes, you lane will be looking good as new!

Another important spring tool is a Rotary Cutter. As gardens and lawns spring back to life, so do weeds and saplings. Land Pride makes rotary cutters from 42" up to 20' that will make quick work of land clearing tasks or weed-control mowing that every land owner does. Check out our full line of rotary cutters to find one that's right for your tractor. 

Happy Spring! But keep that snow blower handy. Winter will be here again before you know it! Can you believe it?

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