40 Years of Excellence

40 years is a long time. But that's how long Land Pride and Great Plains have been exhibiting at the Kansas State Fair. This year, Land Pride received the Exhibitor Longevity Award from the Fair. The award came complete with a Fair Ribbon!

If you've been paying attention at all this year, you know that Land Pride is celebrating our 30th Anniversary. So it is quite an accomplishment to receive this 40-year award in just 30 years of existence. The truth is, Land Pride would have never been honored with a 40-year award if it had not been for a decade of dedication to the Kansas State Fair by our founder Roy Applequist. The plot of grass at the Fair we now call the Land Pride booth was manned by a great man from 1977 to 1985, displaying Great Plains Drills and other ag equipment. When Land Pride came along the space was filled with mowers and tillers and cutters. This year, Kubota Tractors sat on that booth too. What a journey!

We've come a long way in 40 years. And to think, the road to this 40-year Award all started with a folding drill on a plot of grass in Hutchinson, KS back in 1977. Look at us now!



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