A Package Deal!

One of the many benefits of Kubota's recent acquisition of Land Pride is that we were invited to make a presentation at their 2016 Summer Sales Meeting in Los Angeles.

So what did we talk about? Land Pride implements and the great packages you can build with Kubota Tractors, of course!

As you can see from the photo, we had a number of tractors and implements on display. We had a total of 6 tractor packages that we presented with the goal of improving the value and functionality of the Kubota Tractor.

First up was the BX. Land Pride has a number of performance-matched products for BX Tractors -- 32 to be exact. The package we presented included a 4-n-1 Combo Bucket and an RTR1258 Tiller with a QH05. This makes a great package for the small land owner. If you would rather have an RCR1248 for grass maintenance, forget the bucket and go with the tiller and cutter -- that is what's great about packages: You can build them to your liking!

Next was a B Series Tractor with an APS15 Seeder and a set of PFL2042 Pallet Forks. This would make a great package for a small landscaper. If you don't need the Pallet Forks, add a Grapple!

From the B we moved on to two different L Tractors -- and L3901 and L6060. The L3901 was outfitted with a SGC0660 Grapple with a Land Pride 3rd Function Valve and an RCF2060 paired with a QH15. This is a great package for a hobby farmer looking to maintain his property. The L6060 was equipped with an AFM4211 and made a great mowing package for a municipality in parks or on a golf course.

Lastly, we presented two M Tractors that would be the ideal solution for a mowing contractor. The M6 paired with our RC5615 is a really great highway mowing package. The M7 paired with our RCP2660 makes a great boom mower package.

On top of all these great packages, Kubota recently announced some amazing financing and customer rebates that include Land Pride implements. Check out the Kubota website, then get into your local Kubota/Land Pride dealer and take home a package today!

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