Hot, Hot, Hot!

It's July. And it sure feels like it in Kansas and elsewhere! Today in Salina, KS, home to Land Pride’s World Headquarters, the forecast calls for a high of 108 degrees. 108! Weathermen are frequently wrong, but I don't think that they'll miss this and we'll only get to 86 -- by the way, at 6:00 AM it was already 81. If you are unfamiliar with Kansas, we also have high humidity. The heat and humidity combine to make it rather uncomfortable outside – but Kansans expect these temperatures in July.

Next week we're sending a group to Southern California. Home of sunny beaches and temperate climate. Wrong. The extended forecast looks like Kansas. Hot. Dry. Miserable. Since most of the group's time will be spent outside, one can only hope that humidity is a Kansas phenomenon and California is, as they say, a dry heat.

Land Pride representative will be attending Kubota's Summer Sales Meeting. We'll have the opportunity to show off some of our BX and B Performance Matched Implements. We'll also have an AFM, a 15' Folding Cutter, and an RCP2660 -- the RCP is the newest Performace Matched Implement. Kubota Enigneering has matched it to the M126EX, M135EX, M6-131, & M6141 Tractors as long at it's installed with a stabilizer kit available from Land Pride. The RCP2660 is approved for use on Kubota's M7 Tractor without the stabilizer. The RCP has a 60" cutting width and 11'-5" reach, 2" cutting capacity and a hydraulic breakaway feature protects the cutter arm. The unit is equipped with a 35 gallon oil reservoir, has front and rear guarding for safety, and offers an optional guage wheel to help the mowing head follow the ground better. It's a great cutter!

Since the RCP2660 has just been Performance Matched, it will be new to a number of the Kubota Sales Team. So, as you can see, not only will the weather be hot in California, the news that Land Pride will be sharing will be hot as well.

Interested in an RCP? See your local Land Pride Dealer. They'll be glad to help!


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