Will it snow?

So what do you think? Will winter be a bear? Will it be mild? How much precipitation will we see? That’s always good coffee shop banter. Right now, Salina, KS is in the 70s, not the typical weather for November.

I asked my Magic 8-Ball if it was going to snow, and it told me to “ask again later.” Since I don’t have time for that, I moved on to a trusted friend, my OFA.

I always enjoy checking out the Old Farmer’s Almanac® for my long range weather prognostication. This year’s version says “Freezing temperatures will be especially pronounced along most of the Atlantic seaboard and in the Ohio Valley, Great Lakes, Pacific Northwest, and southwestern states.” That’s not too comforting… but the editor takes it one step further by stating: “Super cold is coming.” Super Cold? YIKES!

But what about Snow? When we talk about winter weather isn’t that what we really mean? How much snow am I going to see? Again, back to the Old Farmer’s Almanac and we find that they are predicting a lot of it. “The Northeast, Ohio Valley, northern Plains, and Pacific Northwest should brace for a slew of snow.”

Not sure exactly what a “slew” is? Don’t worry, I went to Webster’s Dictionary. Slew is defined as a large number or quantity of something (in this case, snow). It’s origin is from the mid-19th Century Irish word  sluagh. Now you know!

Sounds like parts of the country are in for a lot of snow which mean a lot of snow removal. That’s where Land Pride can help. We have Snow Blowers, Blades, and Snow Pushers to make your snow removal less taxing. And lets face it, it sounds as if there will be a lot of it, better see your local dealer now! The Boy Scout motto is “Be Prepared.” In this case sounds like good advice!

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