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Every now and then, I walk in to an e-mail inbox that has something wonderful in it. Today was one such day.

As I came in from the 3-day weekend, I was organizing my day in my head. I have several things that I need to accomplish this week and walking through my day helps me accomplish my goals. But, as is the case most days, something pops up that demands my attention. Today that "thing" is a good thing.

Last week I responded to a customer that filled out our online survey. Bob (his real name) was letting us know that his new FDR2572 arrived with an Operator's Manual that was not in a useable condition. I provided him with a link to a PDF and offered to send a new printed one. He repsonded that the dealer had already offered to get him a new printed manual -- that made me happy. Our dealers are the best and attention to little things like that are just one of the many things that make them great. Anyway, Bob went on to provide a glowing testimonial about his new FDR2572.

"I should say I had the first chance to use my new FDR2572 this afternoon and was impressed. I think that one experience has made a believer out of me for rear discharge finishing mowers. Rainy conditions had forced me into delaying my mowing until the grass was longer than I liked. Thus I was sure I would see significant grass clipping with my normal side discharge mower. However, they are nearly non-existent with the Land Pride. Nice job.

I should also like to share some other feedback details with you about my new FDR2572. When I purchase equipment like this, I normally check critical specs when I receive the new equipment. This gives me a "base line" to work from, should I have maintenance or repair problems at a later date. One thing I carefully checked with this mower is the blade specs. The blade of a mower should normally be tipped downward slightly. Your specs say flat to a maximum drop of not more than 1/2". I measured all three blade as having a forward drop of about 1/4". Perfect !!!  EXACTLY as they should be for efficient mowing.

I also measure the outside blade tip distance from the ground.  I could not measure a difference (to within 1/16") between the tips – 72" apart. Phenomenal. Unbelievable. In fact, I measured them multiple times as I thought my measurements must have been in error. In addition, that measurement was within about 1/8" (slightly longer) of the expected cutting height based on the number of height spaces used on the gauge wheel spindles. Again, beautiful specs.

A very nice job of manufacturing!!!


New York"

I get emails like this from time to time and I love sharing them. As I've said before, I can tell you every great thing about our equipment: how our implements are manufactured with pride in Kansas; how our implements are better than the competiton; how our implements really do what we say they do... But, when the Bobs of the world tell the very same story, that makes a bigger impact than me delivering the message! What a great Monday!

Thanks Bob!

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