Roadside Maintenance

Last week I had the privelage of traveling to God's Country. When I say that, I frequently get, "Oh... you're coming to Colorado?" Or "When are you going to be in North Carolina?" And many other picturesque locations... However, I am actually referring to Oklahoma. Most of my family is from Oklahoma and a lot of them still live there. I have fond memories of the state and often refer to it affectionately as "God's Country."

The reason for the trip was business. Beaver County, located in the panhandle, just bought 15 RC5615s. I wanted to go talk to the operators and talk to the county commissioners. I wanted to know what they like, what if anything they dislike, and why they bought Land Pride.

This is Beaver County's second year to purchase our RC5615s. They first bought 15 units a year ago after Land Pride beat out a competitor for the contract. Now, after talking to everyone involved in the decision to switch, I don't think they will buy a competitive unit again. Ever. They were that impressed with the cutter's durability, the parts availability, and Land Pride's reliability. The maintenance supervisor for District 2 said to me, "There is nothing about them I don't like. They have been a blessing. With the (competitive units), I spent a lot of time trying to keep them running. Not with Land Pride! We've done nothing to these except grease them."

Between all three Districts in Beaver County, they maintain over 2,000 miles of roads -- times 2 sides, that's 4,000 miles of grass to cut. At each of the three District offices I heard the same thing: "We like 'em a lot."

Besides several "We like 'em a lot" comments, I also heard a lot of other positive statements:

  • "Exceptional cut quality!"
  • "Easier to grease than the (comptetive units)."
  • "No complaints."
  • "Really good parts and service... 24 to 36 hours and parts are here."
  • "No problems! I think we could run these 5 years and not see any major problems."

It seems the people of Beaver County, Oklahoma are fond of their RC5615s. And we're glad they are. We know we make a quality rotary cutter. I'll tell you it's the best on the market, and often do, but it's more meaningful when it comes from the hard-working people that use our cutters. So, as they say, don't take my word for it, listen to the everyday operators -- they tell it better than I do anyway.

I'll close with my favorite comment of them all: "We're tickled pink with the Land Pride mowers." And after seeing it first hand, I know they make God's Country look great!


I purchased a new Kubota Tractor along with a Landpride SQ286 back in December 2013. I was having problems mowing when I noticed that the wheel on the cutter was not operating properly. I took the wheel off the mower it is apparent the sleeve fitting that is suppose to to have an opening for grease to enter in from the fitting was not made correctly, therefore all the bearings fail out of the wheel. Are you aware of this problem and what is the verdict for the repair. I bought the unit in Gainesville Florida back on 12-10-13.

Steve, I am certainly sorry to hear about your issues. Unfortunately, we do not manufacture the model indicated above -- SQ286. If indeed you purchased a Land Pride cutter, you have provided the wrong model number. I would encourage you to contact our Service Department here: or contact your dealer. Thanks, Land Pride

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