It's March? How in the world did we get to March? What happened to February? I know February is only 28 days, but where did it go?

With the arrival of March, the official start of Spring is just 21 days away. Some of you are probably seeing signs that Spring is indeed on the way and some of you are probably wondering when you're going to see the ground again. Whether you are getting ready to till the soil and start planting or preparing for some extensive sod renovation after mountains of snow, Land Pride's vast network of authorized dealers can assist. Your Land Pride dealer knows your conditions, knows specific needs for your area, and stands ready to offer advice on the implement or attachment you need to get your job started and finished.

Our dealers are backed up by a talented and dedicated team of Land Pride Territory Managers -- nearly 40 of them in all. Any question that a dealer can't answer can be quickly, and expertly, resolved with a Dealer-Territory Manager call. Standing behind the Territory Managers is a team of professionals that offer support to the Dealers no matter what the situation. Sales, Shipping, Parts, Service, Warranty, and a host of other tasks are handled by knowledgeable staff located in our Corporate Headquarters in beautiful Salina, Kansas (about as middle-of-the-country as you can get).

Ready to start talking? Our Dealer Locator at will identify the closest dealers to you and provide address, phone, email, and website for each of them. Specifically looking for a Compact Drill or a Zero Turn? The Locator allows you to specify those products and see which dealers stock and sell Drills or Zero Turn Mowers. Beyond the sales aspect of the customer-dealer relationship, you can rely on Land Pride Dealers to provide service after the sale. Genuine replacement parts are only available through our network of dealers so that you can be sure parts and service are available when and where you need them. Most parts orders are shipped same-day, with next-day and two-day service to every dealer, allowing our dealers to service what they sell, quickly, so you can get back in the field.

I would encourage you to see your local Land Pride Dealer today. They probably already know what you're looking for...

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