Why are our dealers so smart?

Have you ever sat around an wondered "Why the heck are those Land Pride dealers so smart?" Well, if you have (or even if you haven't) I'll tell you, in part, how they got that way.

Every year about this time, Land Pride Territory Managers travel the US and Canada sharing product knowledge with everyone that will listen. You see, dealers have some slower times during the winter and our TMs love to talk, so they set up Dealer Training Sessions to help your local dealer better understand our company, our products, and the features and benefits that make them better than the competition.

I have personally traveled to Oklahoma to participate in training sessions related to Seeders and Rotary Cutters. Last week, we had dealer training sessions in Iowa, California, and Texas. As you can see from the photos a lot of dealer sales people got some great information about Land Pride Compact Drills.

Our Dealers have so much knowledge that I routinely get emails like this one that I received last week: "The Quarles Supply Co. and Land Pride make a great team.  I am glad for choosing both to do business with. I will be purchasing additional Land Pride tractor attachments shortly."

We've even done dealer training in Australia, as referenced by this email from last summer: "The dealer from Kentan Machinery (Hexham, Australia) was very helpful and knowledgeable. He took a great deal of time in the setup of the machine and going through the features of my RC3615."

So the next time you get above average product information from your local dealer, remember there was a lot of hard work done behind the scenes to get that information to you.

Stay Warm! Spring is just around the corner.


Due to my recent experience with my LandPride RCR1872, I can truly say I am a dissatisfied customer. I have enjoyed my cutter and bought it with confidence that the gear box had a 5 year warranty. Well at year 4 my gear box broke. I called Seal Tractor company in Woodville MS, to give them the business to do my warranty work. After a brief discussion on the phone I was told by the service manager(Seal Tractor)the gear box would be fixed by them due to Landpride covering the gear box at no charge to me.

Mr. McKnight, I am sorry your experience was less than satisfactory. I see we covered the gearbox so it seems most of the complaint is with the manner is which the dealer handled the claim. Please email me at dee.warren @ landpride.com and I will have my service manager work on this issue. Thanks Dee Warren, Marketing Manager

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