I still believe

This time of year is hectic. This year seems more so than ever before -- for me anyway. Perhaps it was the late Thanksgiving.

First of all, I pride myself on not being that guy that is out shopping today (Dec. 24). I am always done early, have everything wrapped, sitting with my feet up waiting for the day to arrive. Not this year. Yesterday I was shopping. I do avoid Black Friday and I try to buy gifts that have meaning behind them. I pay attention to what my wife wants througout the year. I make gifts for my parents -- after all, at nearly 70 they have everything they need. I don't buy just to buy and I relish to traditions of the past. I try not to buy decorations in September when the stores replace school supplies with Christmas wreathes and I don't decorate until after Thanksgiving.

Most importanly, aside from all the commercialism that Christmas has become, I still believe.

I believe we should help each other. I believe we should be kind to each other. I beleive we should be generous with our time and our talents and our treasures. And on this Christmas Eve, I believe that a loving God sent his Son to live the perfect life for me.

I believe in the Spirit of Christmas. I think that spirit is represented by a man in a red suit, with magic in his eyes, and the power to let kids dream. The spirit that keeps kids awake yet lets them sleep. The spirit that brings people together if for only one night. The spirit that inspires people put money in red kettles and go to church and help a neighbor and let someone cut in line at the store. Yes, it's true... at 44, with every ounce of my being, I believe in Santa. Not the guy at the mall, but the guy that embodies the giving, the generosity, the kindness, the love, you know... the Spirit of the Season!

Merry Christmas!




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