Winter is hanging on...

We were talking in the office this morning about gardens. Several of the people in the Land Pride Marketing Department plant large gardens and that was the subject of conversation this morning. it seems Garden 2018 is lagging behind for several of them. Some want to till (with their Land Pride tiller of course), some want to start planing. The problem is, it seems that Old Man Winter just won't leave.

Easter in many parts of Kansas saw high temperatures in the upper 20s and snow in some parts of the state. Just over the state line in Kansas City, MO, the Royals had to cancel yesterday's baseball game because of snow. I-70 was closed in Dickinson County, KS because there were so many wrecks and slide-offs that the Kansas Highway Partol could not keep up. That is some April Fool's joke, except it wasn't a joke.

The forecast for the first full week of April doesn't get much better for Kansas or much of the United States. Many of the states north and northeast of Kansas are forecast to see snow today or tomorrow. Salina's low temperature is forecast to be 22 on April 3rd with snow on Friday April 6th. Are you kidding me?

I am looking forward to Spring in the worst way -- I don't garden but I do like to shop local Farmer's Markets. I like to venture out on my bicycle. I have a new fishing kayak that I want to break in. And a leisurely motorcycle ride would be nice too. C'mon Spring! We're all waiting on you.

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