15' Rotary Cutters

Beaver County Maintenance
Beaver County, Oklahoma

Beaver County, located in the panhandle of Oklahoma, bought 15 Land Pride RC5615s in 2015. This is Beaver County’s second year to purchase RC5615s. The County first bought 15 units in 2013 after Land Pride beat out a competitor in a formal bid process.

After talking to everyone involved in the decision to switch, Beaver County is likely to keep purchasing Land Pride Rotary Cutters, over and over again. They were impressed with the RC5615’s rugged durability, Land Pride’s fast parts availability and proven reliability.

Steven Perry, Maintenance Foreman for District 2 stated: “There is nothing about them I don’t like. They have been a blessing. With the (competitors), we spent a lot of time trying to keep them running. Not with Land Pride! I’ve done nothing to these except grease them. I think we could run these 5 years and not see any major problems.”

Between all three Districts in Beaver County, they maintain over 2,000 miles of roads – times 2 sides, that’s 4,000 miles of road to maintain. Each of the three District offices reported the same thing: “We like ‘em a lot.” and “Exceptional cut quality!”

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