Welcome to the Family.

Land Pride has some of the best customers you’ll find anywhere. They are loyal, hard-working, and value quality. Our customers tell their friends and new Land Pride users are brought into the Family. So it was with Rob D. from Wisconsin. “I learned about Land Pride implements through friends who own or have owned them.”

Based on recommendations from those friends and his own internet research, Rob bought his first three Land Pride implements – PR16 Powered Rake, RTR12 Rotary Tiller, and BB12 Box Scraper – in February 2014 when he purchased a new Kubota L3800 HST tractor. “Land Pride was the brand that always received good reviews for performance and has a reputation for being well built; that, plus the equipment was reasonably priced.”

Rob does landscaping and values the time- and labor-saving Land Pride implements he now owns. “I do prep and seeding work for lawns, spread gravel and soil, prep and seed food plots. till gardens, grade driveways... The Land Pride equipment has exceeded my expectations. I also maintain our small town’s softball diamonds – the box scraper and power rake work great for this.”

The Land Pride Powered Rake is the implement that has impressed him most. Says Rob: “The task that has been made easier is prepping lawn seed beds. Starting with either bare soil or established grass, the PR has made life much easier for me.”

After reading reviews of Land Pride equipment, talking to his Authorized Land Pride Dealer, and to his friends, Rob knew he was buying quality implements. He liked the performance. He liked the fit and finish. And he liked the ease of use. “I expected everything to work well, but I will admit, this equipment worked even better than I thought it would.”

Rob bought his implements from Service Motor Company in Wausau, WI. His original purchase was three units. Then he acquired several more pieces over the summer. Just last month, Rob added a SGC10 Grapple with a 3rd Function Valve. In all, he owns 10 pieces – APS15, PR16, LR16, DH15, RTR12, PD15 (with 3 augers and a down-pressure kit), RCR18, BB12 and QH15 along with the SGC1060. According to Rob, his dealer was instrumental in helping him decide which implements to buy: “My dealer did a great job explaining features and giving me advice based on what I wanted to do and Land Pride’s reputation put me at ease.”

Through it all, the dealer and Land Pride were responsive. Rob only had one suggestion: “Keep plenty of equipment in stock.” Rob’s DH15 was delayed in Kansas. “Getting the equipment to the customer in a reasonable time is huge in keeping them, and getting them to return, as a customer.” In the end, Land Pride employees learned a lesson in customer service and timely delivery.

Rob closes by saying, “Buy Land Pride and don’t worry. You’ll get the quality equipment you need and the service to back it up. I will buy Land Pride in the future as the need arises. As long as I keep getting quality equipment and service, I will continue to be a loyal customer.”

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