Which Land Pride Implement is Performance Matched for Your Kubota Tractor?


Kubota Tractor Corporation and Land Pride have formed a strategic alliance which markets Land Pride implements that are Performance-Matched to Kubota tractors. Participating Kubota dealerships in the U.S. are now offering Land Pride implements to sell with Kubota tractors and can best help you find the Land Pride attachments and implements to fit your needs and your Kubota.

The information contained in this web page is to be used as a guide, and is for reference purposes only, for matching Land Pride implements with Kubota tractors. While the Land Pride implements have been tested with Kubota tractors under average conditions, neither Land Pride nor Kubota are, or can be, aware of any customer's intended use of the products or the specific conditions of use. Therefore, neither Land Pride nor Kubota will be responsible in the event a particular Kubota tractor equipped with a particular Land Pride implement does not perform to a customer's satisfaction. Each customer should consult with his/her Kubota/Land Pride dealer and should be familiar with the instructions, warnings, and information in the applicable Operator's Manual for each product prior to or at the time of purchase.