Flail Mowers

FM21 Series Flail Mowers
25-55 HP

Land Pride Flail Mowers are the perfect choice for schools and other recreational areas when people may be present. The FM21 Series offers a two position hitch for offsetting the mower, enabling closer cutting along buildings, fences or roadsides.

FM31 Series Flail Mowers
35-80 HP

The perfect model for mowing around schools and municipalities, the FM31 Series Flail Mowers have a mostly enclosed structure to keep the cut grass and other debris within the cutting chamber. The FM31 Series features the same tough components as our FM41 Series, but with blades that offer a fine, professional cut.

FM41 Series Flail Mowers
35-80 HP

The FM41 Series Flail Mowers feature cast and machined hammers which are just right for chopping prunings up to 2" thick, but will also groom grass in a very acceptable manner. The FM41 Series is a tough machine that produces beautiful results.