Powered Rakes

PR16 Series Powered Rakes
60 & 70: 25-45 HP; 90: 35-75 HP

Land Pride's PR16 Series Powered Rakes are multi-functional seed bed or soil surface preparation tools for landscapers and turf care professionals, capable of grading, leveling, shaping, cultivating, renovating and pulverizing various types of soil surfaces. They are also ideal for raking or windrowing soil, rocks, and construction site debris.

12-23 GPM

The SR26 Series Powered Rakes allow you to move dirt like a box scraper, windrow rocks like a rake and work soil like a pulverizer - all in one tool. With its carbide-tipped, studded roller, adjustable material control deflector, and 20 degree left and right angling, the SR26 will turn your skid steer loader into the perfect landscaping tool.

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